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  3. internationally acclaimed and award winning transformation coach, Nupur Tewari, the founder of HealTokyo and HealIndia.

internationally acclaimed and award winning transformation coach, Nupur Tewari, the founder of HealTokyo and HealIndia.

By RNI Hindi Desk 
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Nupur Tewari, the founder of HealTokyo and HealIndia. An internationally acclaimed and award winning transformation coach, spiritual healer, motivational speaker, community empowerment expert, expert on Japanese productivity management, yoga consultant and a philanthropist . She’s the first Indian who’s conducting first Indian talk show in Japan.HealTokyo and HealIndia work for emotional empowerment of the society specially for women and children.

She has been awarded and recognized by “Nargis Dutt foundation, PhD chamber of commerce, SBI foundation, Global Mice and UP Book of world Record* for being the most fabulous woman leader in spiritual healing yoga, motivational speaking and transformational coaching.

One of the most popular face on media” media always covers her sessions whenever she’s on the stage. Japanese media called her unofficial ambassador of india for her contribution to spread indian culture in Japan.

She has been involved with different kind of social work, she built a school for underprivileged children in india, distributing blankets among homeless people, always gather funds whenever needed for different parts of the world specially for India. She has taken almost 2000 sessions in different universities in India in her empowering youth project.She has been contributing through her sessions during this corona period too.

As a part of HealTokyo’s project she organizes various regular free healing camps, workshops in Japan and for underprivileged children in India and awareness programmes about mental health & drug abuse, Stress, Emotional Parenting, Suicide and prevention, Depression, Anxiety, Behavioural Problem.

She is known for her many kinds social work in Japan and india as well. She conducts healing yoga in a temple in Kamiyacho, Shibuya in every Sunday and don’t charge anyone anything, people donate whatever they like that contribution goes to the social work.

keeping in mind the pandemic of 2020 and different kind of problems in the world she has decided to start her year which is cow year according to Japanese philosophy with distributing food, clothes and masks among homeless people in Shinjiku and from Shinjiku she’ll walk with carrying Indian flag to Asakusa to a famous temple called Sensoji which is almost 12 km and meditate there.

This walk would be for good health of the citizens of the world, world peace, awareness of FIT India and stronger bond between India and Japan.

Nupur Tewari says Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam which is a Sanskrit word it means the world is a family so she’s determined to bring smile, love, prosperity and happiness through every step of her life. She’s the first indian who’ll do it.

She requests her fellow Indians to do the same, starting their first day with helping at least one person and walk a

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